• Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

  • Digital forensics for law enforcement agencies is an initiative we started because be saw that many agencies are underfunded from a technology perspective. This results in dated equipment, lack of staff, and no budget for training.

    As part of this initiative we offer free workshops and presentations for digital evidence acquisition, chain of custody, storage, and processing. These are key functions in a digital forensics investigation that ensures that evidence is credible, precise, and valid. Contact us to schedule an event.

    Our mission: Our mission is to provide world class forensics services to our clients by helping determine the truth in a complex digital world that can be hard to navigate.

    Why we are different: Crossroads Information Security is equipped with an expansive and deep-seated skillset in the digital forensics industry. Our analysts hold a variety of gold standard certifications in forensics and invest in continued education to keep up with the current tools and technologies.

    What we do:

    e-Discovery: Often utilized in a corporate setting to find evidence related to audits, fraud, embezzlement, and regulatory findings.

    Data Acquisition: We can acquire data from nearly any storage media that is attached internally or externally to a device.

    Evidence Preservation: In a digital world preserving evidence is critical. Digital evidence has a short shelf life on digital devices and key evidence can be modified or deleted if not preserved in a timely manner.

    Forensic Imaging: A forensic image is an exact copy of a device or storage media that is preserved as “read only”. This read only copy can be used for later analysis or simply be an archive to search for needed data later.

    Evidence Timelines: Putting together a timeline of digital activity from a device is key to supporting a forensic case. A timeline adds context to cases such as intentional data deletion, intellectual property theft, and other malicious activity.

    Expert Witness Services: We have a state certified expert witness with multiple forensics certifications that can testify in a court of law.

    Detailed Forensics Reporting: The forensics report is our work product, and we take great care to provide the appropriate level of detail, documentation, and supporting evidence for each case we process.

    Data Recovery: When data becomes corrupted, deleted, or encrypted, we have the tools and skills to recover data from a variety of devices and file formats – Including text messages, emails, images, browser history, and databases.

    Devices we can analyze during the forensics process:

    • Mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and Android phones.
    • Laptops
    • Workstations
    • Tablet Devices
    • External storage drives
    • USB drives
    • SD cards from devices such as video cameras and digital cameras.
    • Gaming Systems such as Xbox and PlayStation
    • Activity Trackers and Wearables
    • Car stereos that connect to mobile devices where the data may be copied to the stereo.

    We also offer a number of specialty services that some agencies do not:

    • Email forensics of email servers, email clients, and cloud-based email.
    • Cloud forensics of devices, systems, and networks in the popular cloud service providers.
    • Network forensics consists of analyzing networks for unauthorized activity, data exfiltration and other malicious activity.
    • Rogue Wireless Access Point Detection – Wireless locations allow us to determine the location of an access point based on the SSID and mac address.
    • Bluetooth locations allow us to determine the location of an access point based on the device name and mac address.
    • Image forensics to determine time, data, GPS coordinates and tampering of image file types.
    • GPS location forensics on all popular mobile devices.

    Common Digital Forensics Services

    • e-Discovery
    • Data Acquisition
    • Evidence Preservation
    • Forensic Imaging
    • Evidence Timelines
    • Expert Witness
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Data Recovery


    • Mobile Devices
    • Laptops
    • Workstations
    • Tablets
    • External Drives
    • USB Drives
    • SD Cards
    • Gaming Systems
    • Activity Trackers

    Specialty Services:

    • Email Forensics
    • Cloud Forensics
    • Network Forensics
    • Wireless Locations
    • Bluetooth Locations
    • Image Forensics